What makes us different

Princes St childcare really is an enriching, exciting home away from home for your child. As a Charitable Trust, everything we are and everything we do is focused on creating the best environment for our young ones to learn, grow, and most importantly, be happy.

We welcome each child as their own person. Valuing their own experiences and knowledge from their young lives and allowing them share those with us.

Our location in the heart of the Central Business District in Auckland leads us to welcome a Whanau of children from a unique array of cultural backgrounds. We believe this is one of our strongest assets as a centre and we cherish each different culture coming alive within these walls.

In addition to this, our location opposite the university in the beautiful heritage building of 21 Princes St boasts a uniquely large and vibrant outdoor area for the children to play and learn. Our children enjoy grass, sandpits, water play and gardens to their hearts content.

Our in-house cook is truly inspired in what she does, believing “Cooking is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurement.” (Marcel Boulestin). This leads to our children receiving meals cooked every day just like at home – with love, care and attention.

Lastly and most importantly; our teachers are inspired and motivated to see your child thrive. You will be hard pressed to find a childcare centre where the teachers care more about the children in their care.